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RIMA E. LAIBOW, M.D. is the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation. She is a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine (1970) who believes passionately in the right every American to choose a personal health path that is free of government or corporate interference.

She has practiced drug-free, natural medicine for 35 years by seeking the underlying cause of every illness and ailment. Over During this time, she has enjoyed remarkable success with a wide assortment of cataclysmic problems and health promotion efforts.

Like other healers who trust the innate ability to heal, she believes in using nutrients and other natural options to find, define and treat the problems which underlie degenerative, chronic diseases. The key is supporting the immune and other crucial body systems. Dr. Laibow has seen results from these techniques so often in her patients and in her personal life, that she believes the medicine of the future is the medicine of cooperation with nature.

Dr. Laibow is the President of the NeuroTherapy Certification Board which she helped establish in order to strengthen and develop the field of NeuroBioFeedback and bring it into wide-spread use as a powerful, non-toxic tool for modern medicine.

Because of Dr. Laibow’s awareness of the wide variety of powerful natural, non-toxic options available to treat the underlying causes of disease, she is focused on maintaining these choices for all Americans. Based on her understanding of the impact of poor nutrition and chemical/pesticide toxicity on the declining health of America, Dr. Laibow is determined to help Americans maintain their right to choose health promotion rather than illness care in their efforts to protect themselves from disease and toxic harm.

The Conspiracy is Real. Now How Do We Fix It?

The very bad news: there is no longer any doubt that propaganda, social engineering, educational, scientific, bioweapon development and deployment, political, medical and governance manipulations have long been in place to achieve global goals favoring a profound destruction of humanity and restructuring of society. Disregarding the well-being/survival of most of humanity and creating a privilege master class ("the Neo Aristocrats") and a genetically altered, "transhuman-ized" servant/technician under class, these plans have been laid for more than 140 years, catalyzed by the deadly trilogy of enthusiastic eugenics, ruthless manipulation and endless resources of the predatory philanthropy class.
Their long and carefully laid plans are close to fruition, making strategically sound, tactically feasible action on our part essential if humanity and society are to survive.

The very good news: while reforming their deadly institutions and intentions is impossible, rejecting them completely is not only possible but offers the only meaningful exit door to this engineered disaster.

Dr. Rima will present viable, practical and proven non-violent means to use our collective capacity to reject their Great Reset, exit their system and unwind the strands of control and craziness woven through virtually every facet of our lives. Hint: visit https://preventgenocide2030.org to see what that looks like!