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MONIQUE LUKENS is from NJ, NYC, Philly. She was a part-time news and radio air personality in the 90’s and early 2000’s at the South Jersey Shore. She left for the Golden State in 2005 for warm weather, holistic health, alternative spirituality, and the arts, as well as with her 2001 spiritual epiphany becoming vegetarian.

In 2006, synchronicity had it, and Monique became vegan. She wishes she could direct you to her current YouTube, but the 5-year account was terminated for violating community standards (aka ”promoting truth”) in March 2021. She has a BitChute with some activism, under a pseudonym due to a parent allegedly finding her online and calling her work to say she was a weird anti-vaxxer!

She is also the creator of the group, Citizen's Arrests, on Facebook. She has a BA in Mathematics, Communications and Secondary Ed concentration from Rowan College of New Jersey; and an MFA in Theatre from Sarah Lawrence College. Monique is a descendant of Patrick Henry and is currently involved in 3 lawsuits regarding the "vaccine."

Monique will have a guest for her presentation, ADAM WAGENER. He is a former 5 year director of CA's SMC-TV political talk show "On Second Thought." He now lives and owns vacation rentals by Lake Powell, writing and publishing music, as a hobby, by pen name "AJ Nicholas." He and his pet lizard are detoxing from politics.

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The Curious Case of 2 1/2 plus 1/2? George Floyds

Did the real George Floyd pass away in Texas in 2016? If yes, who was the George Floyd in Minneapolis? Was there one George Floyd during the Minneapolis incident, and a "half" George Floyd, too? Do we really know who George's family and friends were? Get the scoop on all the following, and be prepared to be mind boggled.